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I have a 1990 miata that was converted to electric back in 2010. Nice car when it works, even with the fading battery pack. (KleenSpeed EIATA)

* motor: early AC50 + curtis management
* batteries: 36 CALB 200Ah split front and rear
* original geabox
* 20KWh

The clutch was going bad, so earlier this year I pulled the motor to replace the clutch. While out we had the motor bearings done.

After putting back together it ran for a short while, but now not operating apparently due to an issue with the signal from the encoder as the motor controller (Curtis) reports an 'error 73'.

I'm a bit stuck on what's likely to have gone wrong? Perhaps the encoder failed? Or I've messed up the wiring - which seems unlikely given that it worked for 100 feet or so before giving up the ghost.

Any suggestions on troubleshooting/repair would be much appreciated.

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