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Hello All,

I’m at the stage on a restoration where I can go either way, I can put the glorious sounding V8 in and enjoy it while I can or do an ev conversion. This is looping around my head!

Ideally the conversion would be reversible and I’m doing as much armchair research as possible so I’m reasonably up to speed on what would be needed and the pros and cons of trying to achieve a 200 mile range, i think it hinges on the chosen drive train, if I can find the right one it’ll tip the balance.

While ‘researching’ I’ve found what looks suitable, the GKN eTwinsterX, It appeals on a few levels but I cant find any dimensions, I can get basic motor output and top speed capabilities but very little else.

In brief, has anyone considered one and does anyone have the dimensions or ideas on configuring one for use in a conversion

My car has a pretty big diff, rear wheel drive and could possibly take the GKN unit without too much fabrication as the existing diff frame mounted.
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