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All items are used, I got them with a set of which I used the controller, motor and cabling

Kelly/ZJW 200A/12V contactor

The contactor weighs about 700g, so I'd prefer shipping within the EU (€9.00, yes, that includes UK
), but worldwide is only €12.25.
Details can be found on the Kelly site.
I'd like €25.

The SSR weighs 200g (I'm throwing in the heat sink), shipping is €5.50 EU or worldwide and cheaper if sent separately (thanks An Post
) I might get away with the above if I leave the nuts and washers off the contactor. RS has some details.
Note: the SSR is zero-pass, AFAICS it will only work with AC loads!
Also €25. I'll do €40 for both.

Cacti / Huawei DC/DC, 300W, 13.5V
Solid DC/DC, see pictures. ~2kg.

5A / 175V charger,

looks very similar to this Kelly Charger:

Shipping possible at actual stamp cost. SEPA or PayPal, if necessary.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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