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European fun on snow with SAM Re-Volt (3-wheeler)

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It is my first post here (but I read this board for a long time).
My name is Rafal. I'm owner of european company: "3xE - electric cars".
We do professionally convert cars into EV for governments, companies and private people. We also sell TS (Thunder Sky) and CALB (old: Sky Energy) LiFePO4 batteries, chargers and BMS systems.
[end of introduction ;) ]
If you want to know more - just ask.

To show you something nice as introduction gift, I will show you what do we do with electric vehicles (sometimes).

Few days ago we used our show-car (SAM Re-Volt - new version of SAM Cree) to have some FUN ON SNOW.

Here you will find some small part of our speedway-drifting-snow-fun:

Don't do it yourself (driving on snow without winter tires) or do it on secured areas only :)

If you like to know something more about Re-Volt - here you will find some folder:

Best regards,
3xE - electric cars