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EV Beetle Conversion journal

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I'll be posting all updates on my Classic beetle EV conversion below
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I am hoping to get opinions on the planned electrical setup for my beetle.

I already have a 36v motor that I will overvolt (ID plate below)

CROWN New Bremen, Ohio USA
U.S.A. 45869

PART NO. Voltage D.C.
9468 36 VDC

AU-1829-M H

I am planning on purchasing 6 of these that would give me a combined 72v and 7.9 kwh with a range of 26 miles using a 300wh efficiency (which some people have said my beetle would be more like 270 but I'm being safe), Is my maths wrong? Is this right? I think there must be a way for me to get more mileage for my £500 pounds, can anyone suggest an alternative? I've heard people use chevy volt packs but I think that would be hard to adapt for a beetle.

I was going to make my own motor contoller but have decided on this ,the Kelly controller.

This plan isn't anywhere near perfect and I'm open to any suggestions.

Thank you in advance :)

Also, wondering about options for cooling the motor if you think it will be needed.
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