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EV Brakes

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What are most of you using for brake assist ?

How much does it cost ??
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Because a typical conversion adds 1,000 pounds to a vehicle, good brakes are a must. Power brakes can be restored with a vacuum pump. There are 2 common types:

#1: Gast/Thomas pump $220 + Pressure Switch $23-$90 + Check valve $10 + Accumulator + barbs, hoses, fittings, etc.


#2: MES vacuum pump with built-in pressure switch and check valve $324 + Accumulator + fewer barbs, hoses, fittings, etc.

EV Parts, KTA, and Electro Automotive sell parts for #1
Metric Mind sells the pump in #2

An accumulator can be made from a 12" length of 4" diameter PVC/ABS pipe with caps glued to both ends. Don't forget to calibrate/test external vacuum switches. And ALWAYS use a properly sized fuse on electrical wiring!

Upgrading rotors/calipers/drums/master cylinder is another option, but it can be tricky. Bigger isn't always better. Some combinations of parts can cause excessive pedal travel, increased drag, or brakes that require excessive pedal force. Brake proportioning may also have to be adjusted, especially if the front/rear weight balance changed during the conversion. Racing websites usually have good suggestions for upgrades.

Drums may not be sexy, but they have some good qualities for EVs. Properly adjusted they won't drag. They are "self actuating" to some extent - once initial braking force is applied they tend to brake harder - making them good for emergency/parking brakes.
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