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One of my "To Do" projects on the Rabbit EV is to swap over from manual brakes to a late model VW ABS "hydraulic modulator" master cylinder assembly. This unit has an internal 12 volt high pressure hydraulic pump that creates pressure to run the system. I have no plans to get the anti-lock system installed and running, but the modulator assembly will work fine without the wheel tone rings and associated wiring.

No noisy and expensive vacuum pump required. I guess if my car was a conversion and already had a booster servo installed, I'd think about a vac. pump instead.

As for upgrading brakes, I went to four-wheel discs, teflon/braided stainless steel flex lines throughout, vented GTI front rotors, and performance pads. Stopping is adequate, but pedal effort is moderate to difficult, depending on the level of panic one is experiencing at the time.
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