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EV Builders - Electric Vehicle Documentary for general public

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Check out my documentary I am doing a

The aim of this project is to create a Documentary that takes you on a journey of discovery into the making of an electric car. The series will be hosted by Theo Gibson and Telfer and roving reporter Chris Armstrong. Seb and Theo will find an old used car and recycle it, by converting it from gasoline power to 100% electric drive. By doing this the team hope to dispel myths around electric cars (EV’s) and guide you through their process, as they talk to experts and learn everything they need to know about how to convert a gas car to an electric one. The hope is to make a Documentary, which raises public awareness of the environmental benefits of electric vehicles and makes them more accessible. Once the car is completed, we will be giving our supporters a chance to see the real thing in person. *It's a DIY Doco which will make a difference.

Picture Grand Designs meets Myth Busters meets the Long Way Round.

We look forward to your support, and hope you will get as much out of the process as we will.

The Crew