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Simply amazing. However, there is no preset for a 400 lb motorcycle, so I have been tinkering with the numbers under "1988 Honda Civic DX Hatchback" - basically wildly guessing. My bike is a '78 Honda CB400T. No fairings or windshield. Does anyone know what numbers I should enter for Drag Coef and Frontal Area for my bike? How does a bike compare to an '88 Civic (with drag coef of 0.3 and frontal area of 18)? I have a feeling that non-faired/windshielded bikes are less aerodynamic than I think....
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It's a good start.
I have a weird motor, I'd have tried punching in my own values if they had better descriptions than "n". I also would like to see Maximum torque values to get an idea what the acceleration would be like.. on my spreadsheet I charted these all on a graph, used it to decide on if I can go to a single-speed reduction instead of the transmission.
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