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EV Calculations

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Here are a couple of simple calculations that a person can use to estimate range.

range[km]=250 x capacity[kWh] / (mass[kg]^0.6)
range[miles]=250 x capacity[kWh] / (mass[lbs]^0.6)

Obviously these calculations do not take wind resistance, drive train efficiency, rolling resistance, etc, but comparing these results to results from sites like may give a good idea of what range to expect from various EV configurations.

Here is another good site for graphs and formulas of this type.
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Thot = Tcold + (K x ((Rhot - Rcold) / Rcold))

where K = 256.4 for copper
Thot = hot temperature in deg.C
Tcold = cold temperature in deg.C
Rhot = resistance at hot temperature in ohms
Rcold = resistance at cold temperature in ohms
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