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Hi All .
I have an electric kit from EV west in the USA for converting a vw classic beetle or camper into an electric car .
The kit consist of x10 tesla s modules 85kw 20v reading 24.8 volts on the meter .
a netgain hyper 9 ACX1 88kw motor kit
Xantra link pro battery monitor
motor adapter and coupler
DV converter 400w 30 Amp 72-144 volts
Elcon pfc 2500 charger x2
and much much more including fitting fuse holders cable etc etc.
This kit was ordered through EV West and delivered to the uk ,
The project has not gone ahead as circumstances have changed .
We could break it down but ideally sell the whole kit .
Cost well over 25000 us Dollars
I am aware there were too many batteries for the project it the plan was to make it fast and long distance .
probably more suited to 5 modules
The modules have been regularly charged so all in good condition, all the EV parts are new in the box
a great project for someone ,It could be used on any car you will just need the motor adapter to suite
any serious buyers let me know
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