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EV conversion but manual

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Hey guys I'm somraaj from Malaysia!
I own a Proton Wira which shares the same platform/chassis as a mitsubishi Evo 3.

My question is that are there any evo 3 conversions and if i wish to convert it how do i keep it manual and rwd (mine is fwd) I'm looking for a conversion setup with 300hp+/300nm+ torque... with probably 200km range.

And oh yeah how do i make my own charging port at home
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I think you have your wires crossed.
You have some conflicting requirements. Anything is possible but you would be creating a nightmare for yourself.

The torque shouldn't be a problem.

300hp+ is a pipe dream. I'm not trying to be harsh but it is a reality. The motor, controller and battery combination required won't leave you with any usable space in a Wira and will cost you the entire Malaysian economy for a year.

If you want to keep it as FWD then keeping the original gearbox and bolting on a motor is certainly an option. But you are realistically going to get about 100-150hp without it becoming a massive project.

If you want to change to RWD then a manual gearbox is not an easy option. You would need to change the entire back setup (suspension, hubs etc etc) to accept power in the rear.

The fact that you have such loft goals but are asking such basic questions leads me to suggest trying a more modest project so you can learn what is involved.
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