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Ev conversion kit. (Europe only)
4600euro or best offer

Ac50 96v (Used for testing)
Curtis 1238E-7621 650a Factory sealed and refurbished.

Fuse 500a and holder.
Chill plate
3kw 130v charger Can charger (can be configured, mounted but not run.)
Curtis connector USB and cd
DC/DC convertor 450W

Any Questions just ask

I decided to go a different way in this conversion.

I would like to deliver in Europe (drive).

I can guarantee the products at /near delivery. But I'm not set up for testing. The man/company I bought this from is located in NL and can handle any potential issues through me.


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These are sold in Europe Some countries require different types of testing But not all.

For example NL it takes alot to get it a Conversion certified for On the road where as other countries its a simple inspection.
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