I bought these parts bundled together from an auction with the thought of doing an S-10 conversion. It looks like parts were pulled from an EV Blazer.

I prefer to sell together. Parts included are:
1 Netgain WarP9 motor with double shaft, accessory pulley, homebrew accessory mounting plate, CANEV Chevy adapter plate, and Chevy flexplate.
2 Evnetics Soliton Jr. Excellent condition.
3 Eventics potentiometer.
4 Airpax circuit breaker with manual pull knob
5 Battery connect/disconnect heat sinks
6 Zena DC controller circuit. DC voltage generator?
7 Swiftech 12v pump.
8 Four gauges: 3 tachs and one speedo/odometer
9 TBS electronics voltage prescaler.
10 Approx. 15-20 battery cables in varying lengths.
11 Two Zena slave control module (model WC.1224s) and a small box of wires.

All for $4,000

I have a video of bench testing the motor, controller, and pot here

Sorry for some of the shaky photos, not enough light in the garage.
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