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Hey people,
This is amit, i am trying to convert a skoda superb ice into ev, for that i have been thinking to use:-
(1) Brogen shanghai OE EPT2-125 eAxle motor kit (max power 125KW) rated 60 KW
(2) (OBC+DCDC+PDU) GQ021TV00 by shanghai oe brogen (6.6 KW OBC)
can anyone help me with VCU and BMS subsystem.
also any other suggestion will be most welcome.
PS:- I am new in this electrification. any lead will be helpful.
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Those are OEM parts, so you must be working for an OEM to have those in hand.

You'll need to post all of the documentation here, including the CAN messaging, since it's not on the website.

Also am curious how much you were charged for each of those components?
I haven't bought these parts yet. I have got the quotation for those components near $7500. They'll provide the can protocol for motor and OBC, as of know i don't have that. I am searching for VCU hardware box for these components.
guide me steps which i should follow for search of VCU.
You need the documentation first to see what is supported.
hey remi,
can we connect so that i can share details with you?
mail:- [email protected]
whatsapp:- +91-8709725972
hey remi,
i have shared the communication protocols and specs. sheet for On-board charger, and spec sheet for the motor the CAN protocols was not allowed to be shared here, can you assist me with VCU selection.


I'm also looking to use them for a larger project converting a fleet of toyota landcruisers. Have you made any progress on it yet? I am hoping to get my hands on them in a few months so haven't got anywhere just yet
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