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Would you join a group or club that made the EV conversion process faster, easier, cheaper & social?

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EV Converters in the NY/NJ/CT/PA and greater NYC metro area

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I'm considering converting a 1971 BMW 2002 to EV. I'm also investigating a new collaborative approach to EV conversions for the NYC metro region (to start): a cooperative model that would help more people accomplish an EV conversion faster, smarter and easier, together. As part of the research for this exploration I'm looking for people in and around NY/NJ/CT/PA to test the idea with.

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While I'm a decent shadetree mechanic, I'm contemplating changing gears to finish the 2002 as an EV, but as a novice I know I probably can't make it happen as a DIY project. I've been studying all of the vendors, suppliers and players in the conversion space. What I think people (like me) want to do an EV conversion is the social support, expert guidance and coaching to make the process more affordable by joining forces.

If this kind of "builder guild" sounds interesting, I'm looking to talk to people for 20-30 minutes to get a sense of what prospective participants would want or need from this kind of co-op approach.
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Just pulled the engine this weekend, the first step on my EV conversion journey, and did a little post on it. in the great 2002 community.

I want to hear from folks in the greater NYC/tristate area about the EV Builder Guild we are organizing to make doing a conversion happen faster, smarter and cheaper together as part of this cooperative approach.
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