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ev electric sparrow

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Hi everyone, i recently swung by this company in w.v. and made some videos of their bikes. I hope you enjoy them.

I had never heard of this W.V. company, but i am sure most of you guys have heard about it. It's located in Morgantown W.V. and run by only a handful of guys. They are doing very well and producing quite a few vehicles. Their bikes are a little different than most i've seen. They use chinese styling to keep the costs down and then design the motors and controllers and swingarms. The motor is located in the hub, so i dont know if that is good or not. But i know most ebikes have it in the hub of the wheels. Their site is and they have some nice bikes. I wasn't expecting the owner to be so open to us coming and filming. Im linking the youtube video below and an additional video of that 3 wheeled sparrow thing. I can't ever remember the names of the scooters.

This is their sportbike offering. I would have liked to have tested it. He said it can do 90 miles of range with the current battery pack. But they have some scooters with 200 mile range, which is pretty good for commuting and not worrying about range.

This little bugger is very attention getting to say the least. You ride down the road filled with passenger(3 of them) and everyone turns. Which makes me think it's an amazing investment for companies who want to put a car skin on it. And a company in d.c. bought one just for that. Some real estate company.

Overview of the company

Video of the little yellow sparrow