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Hi guys,

The brisbane branch of the AEVA is hosting the 2011 EV festival which comprises the National Conference on the friday with guest speakers from various fields dealing with EV technology . The conference is being held in the old parliment house starting at 9am and finishing around 4pm with lunch and tea breaks.

The EV Expo is on sat 8am to 4pm in King George Square where there will be displayed many EV projects both going concerns and unfinished projects , rare EV vehicles from the distant past and recent past , Bikes , scooters , EV components suppliers ,battery suppliers, infrastucture suppliers and mainstream EV like the miev.

While we have a reasonable number home built cars we have the room for a LARGE number so we are inviting any ev owners to come show the general public your vehicle. We'd love to see you there so please email us at [email protected] and ask Simone to send you the club display forms. Please do so ASAP as this is a huge event and the more time to organise the better.

Cheers Graeme.
AEVE brisbane branch EV festival comittee.

PS. posting replies here might take awhile to answer so best to email us enquires to the above email addy.
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