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Ford Focus project car for parts or total car. Car is in good shape- 2010 Ford Focus Conversion. MAKE OFFERS

Water Cooled 288v 20Kw motor with 50Kw controller, BMS, Charger, 90 Lifepo Batteries - all in good shape.

Experimental Car - Ran track for Testing Only -
Wheel Car Tire Vehicle Hood

Wheel Land vehicle Car Tire Vehicle

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You don't have a reputation here.

You're the one selling.

The rule is, whoever's asking, gives the asking price.

You approach buyers trying to sell? You give a price.

Buyers walk up to you off the street and ask you to sell? They name a price.

Otherwise you're just wasting everyone's time.

I'll buy it for $1. I won't for $100k. Whether your ad is even worth interacting with depends on the price YOU SET. No one's going to chase you around and make offers at you. Set a price.
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