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Hello EV enthusiasts,

I am a high school student in an engineering class, where we are currently constructing an electric go kart from the ground up. For a research project, I am researching electric telemetry systems(systems the remotely monitor the conditions of the car) and am trying to build one for the car. I have no real experience in mechanical or electrical construction, and would like to learn more. But for now, I have no knowledge in order to move forward with my project. Through my research I have found a telemetry system used for remote control cars made by a company called "Spektrum", who specializes in RC car parts. I have inserted a link to the product below. Could this product be used for a full sized go kart? If so, have any of you had experience with this product or my project in electric telemetry for go karts in general? Any help is appreciated. Thank you.
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