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Hello all. I am trying to find the right instrumentation for a hybrid boat project. My first choice was EVision, but their system does not work on anything lower than 60 V dc and my system is 48. I am also considering instrumentation from Curtis. I also looked at a MiMod battery mmonitoring system. that doesn't look like the right solution though. What else is out there?

Some details of the project:
This is a tour boat. It will gently maneuver down stream using a 9" sepex motor for propulsion for about 3 hours. The boat will then drop off all of its passengers and make a one-hour return trip on the power of a 165 hp gasoline motor. The gasoline motor transmits torque through the sepex motor. The sepex motor is used to recharge the batteries at this time.

We're using Li cobalt batteries. They're 18650s soldered into 48V packs.
The controller is a Sevcon SEM 80

HV pack voltage: 48 V
Max Charge Current: 100 A

Thanks, everyone!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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