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EV-List-News posts delayed

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% 20210607 0100 the diy forum put this week's post in an
approval status (not released= no one could read it).
When diy is unavailable like that, please go directly to
where I archive the EV news items


% Statement: is a read-only
group used to archive of my EV List News (EVLN) posts
which allow public viewing without having to login.
I've promoted EVs for 30+yrs by providing these EV
newswire posts as a free service. I am not a business.
I do not make money providing these. Enjoy :)
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Update: After 3 different contact attempts, vsadmin responded, approving my posts
(so that they could be seen and read).

He said a spam filter blocked my post (it didn't like all the links to my archived EV
News items) from release and put my posts in an approval status.

Having been in (and familiar with) the high tech industry as a Hewlett-Packard
Customer Engineer (hpce) for 25 years, as administrator of the EV forum
for a couple years, and as a contributing member for many years, I know how
changes (like new spam filter definitions) can cause havoc to forum members.

I asked vsadmin what if my weekly post is once again caught by the spam filter,
placing it in an 'approval status' (where no one can see or read it). He replied
giving my their direct email address so, I can hopefully get a timely resolve.

Again, when diy is unavailable like that (delaying my weekly post), please go
directly to where I archive the EV news items

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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