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% See the statement at the bottom %

QuantumScape's pants on fire lawsuit> false,misleading statements

200 EVjobs @Hitachi Berea-KY plant

GM 0% financing on used Bolt EV &Volt pih> ends 20210202

6,320 Workhorse C-Series delivery EV orders

Best pre-owned/used EVs in 2021

Hyundai NE EV> drove from Sydney to Bathurst .au

Nio EP7 150kWh EV in 2023 r:621mi

Cheaper2 Tesla-3 Charge @Home> $uperEVSE convenience$ =$9/gal

ZERO EV & Lynk> a Volvo-Geely joint venture project

Tesla India Motors launched in Bengaluru

TI's wireless BMS> reducing kg's of copper cable weight

GM/BrightDrop making 500 EV600 FedEx delivery e-trucks

Mach-E EV range testing for true highway-speed results

Sony Vision-S EV> Austrian road testing

J.Deere e-backhoe Decarbonizes National Grid jobsites

eSTOL aircraft more energy-efficient than eVTOL

Tesla crashes/barrels into Westborough-MA Bank

For EV List News posts view:
evln - Google Groups

2018-2020 EVLN posts

pre-2018 EVLN posts


% Statement: I created a read-only google-group (archive)
that allows public viewing of the EVLN news items I post
each week, without the public having to login to view them.
I have been promoting EVs for 30+yrs by providing free EV
newswire posts (I am not a business, I make no money
providing these). The EV news items are archived at:
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