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$7.5k Motorcycle-fast Zapp i300 e-scooter +

An electric scooter that goes as fast as a
August 4, 2021 ... A new high-performance electric scooter is being billed as the transportation solution for urban residents who want an EV but don't have dedicated parking and can't exactly hang a charging cable out their apartment window. What's happening: The $7,495 Zapp i300 is positioned as a daily commuter vehicle for urban dwellers — offering the convenience of a scooter and the performance of a motorcycle ...

Lords Ahmedabad .in Devam e-rickshaws

Lords Automotive acquires 100% stake in Devam Electric Vehicles
Aug 04, 2021 ... Lords Automotive will redesign the current e-rickshaw model of Devam Electric and relaunch it in October 2021. The acquisition aligns with Lords Automotive's strategy to increase its domestic market share and expand its product outreach in untapped European and African export markets early next year ...

2025 upcoming GM full-size commercial cargo e-van &e-truck +

General Motors Will Offer An Electric Chevy Van
Aug 4, 2021 ... General Motors will offer a new full-size Chevy electric van model. The new Chevy van EV will join an upcoming Chevy-branded medium duty truck as part of General Motors’ expanding all-electric commercial vehicle lineup ...

GM CEO Mary Barra confirms new electric truck and van for commercial customers
Aug 4 2021 ... GM plans to add a full-size battery electric cargo van for Chevrolet as well as a medium-duty truck for service and utility vehicles. The medium-duty truck will be offered as a battery-electric vehicle with GM’s Ultium Cells as well as its Hydrotec fuel cells. The vehicles aren’t expected to launch until after 2025 ...

Jeep EV debut in 2023

Jeep announces its first EV will make its debut in early 2023
August 4, 2021 ... essentially a current-generation Wrangler powered by an electric motor that spins the four wheels via a 6-speed manual transmission and a two-speed transfer case ...
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$20+k Leaf cheapest .us EV> (w/ disappearing/obsolete CHAdeMO) +

Nissan Leaf 2022 is now the cheapest EV in the US — and it's a game changer
20210804 ... The Leaf S is still eligible for the full $7,500 federal tax rebate, which makes the cost a Leaf just under $20,000 ...

There's a new cheapest electric car in the US, and it could cost half the Tesla Model 3 thanks to a hefty tax credit
August 4, 2021 ... Nissan dropped the price for the 2022 model to $27,400 ... EPA rating of 149 miles, the Leaf S could be appealing to people who don't need to travel ... far ...

CHAdeMO is dodo dead> e-America abandoning CHAdeMO EVSE

Nissan’s move to CCS fast-charging makes CHAdeMO a legacy standard
July 16, 2020 ... CCS network is expanding far faster than CHAdeMO—and really, it's the only way to go in the U.S. for charging beyond 100 kw ...

Tax credit for used EV purchases

Proposed bill would provide tax credit for used electric cars
Aug. 4, 2021 ... The Affordable EVs for Working Families Act could provide used EV buyers with a couple grand back in their pockets at tax time ...
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