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She crashed Tesla-3 in2 kids @ holiday camp> 6rushed2 hospital +

MOWED DOWN Child trapped under Tesla after car crashed into kids at holiday camp pick-up as boy, 8, seriously hurt and 3 injured
Aug 16 2021 ... six kids and one adult were rushed to hospital from the £36,000-a-year private school Ardingly College shortly after 4.30pm. At least one person was reported to have been pinned under the electric car, but the exact number is not yet clear ... not yet been confirmed what caused the vehicle to crash, but the BBC has reported it is being blamed on driver error ... driver, a 47-year-old woman who was in the vehicle at the time of the collision, was uninjured ...

Six hurt in Tesla crash in British school car park -Telegraph
17 August 2021 ...

A Tesla Model 3 crashed at a school, injuring 6 children and an adult. An 8-year-old boy was airlifted to hospital.
Aug 17, 2021 ...

A Tesla Model 3 crashed at a school, injuring 6 children and an adult. An 8-year-old boy was airlifted to hospital.
August 17, 2021 ... A crash involving a Tesla Model 3 left an eight-year-old boy with serious injuries. Seven people were injured in the crash Monday at a school in southern England ...

Dogecoin Buys A Tesla

Dogecoin Holders Can Now Buy A Tesla Using DOGE
2021-08-17 ... the community had been waiting for was being able to pay for Tesla vehicles with Doge. Due to its CEO being one of the meme coin’s biggest supporters ...
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(google blocked text)
Tesla Bot> labor is now optional, let the robot do it +

No, Daft Punk Isn't Back — That's Tesla's New Robot
August 20, 2021 ... Tesla provided attendees with the next best thing: a person dressed as Tesla Bot, who proceeded to break into some frenetic dance moves. Was it strange? It sure was. There is absolutely no way this won’t be turned into several years’ worth of memes ...

Musk says Tesla likely to launch humanoid robot prototype next year
August 20, 2021 ...

Elon Musk just added a robot to his list of things always coming 'next year.' For now he's got a guy in a suit
Aug 20, 2021 ...

JD Power superEVSE award

Tesla Superchargers provide best EV charging experience, new study says
Aug. 19, 2021 ... JD Power looked at public EV chargers and surveyed EV owners to figure out what companies are doing it right ...
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