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VW ID4 EVs are for N.American noobs +

Model 3 Owner: VW ID.4 Makes A Great Choice As Someone's First EV
Aug 21, 2021 ... The ID.4 is the first of a new breed of VW electric vehicles available in the US. Sharing the MEB modular electric vehicle architecture with the ID.3 compact hatchback sold in Europe, the ID.4 fits North American car buyers’ tastes better since it’s an SUV ... flash video

.cn ID4 EV salespersons not energetic> (too stoically german)

VW’s dress code to blame for ID.4’s weak China sales, claims analyst
August 21, 2021 ... Volkswagen is going all-in on the ID. 4’s promotion in China, but the all-electric crossover from the veteran German automaker is still yet to find some solid footing in the country ... This, at least according to an analyst, is partly due to the fact that Volkswagen’s employees dress too conservatively compared to staff from rivals like Tesla and NIO ... Volkswagen’s workers were not as energetic as those in Tesla and NIO’s stores ...
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