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Gigafactory TX pre-Tesla-Y EV production megacasts +

Leaked video from Tesla Gigafactory Texas shows tons of megacasts ahead of production
Sep. 10th 2021 ... for Gigafactory Texas, the timeline is not as clear, but production is expected to start relatively soon. Now, a new video posted from Gigafactory Texas yesterday shows a rare look inside the manufacturing plant and confirms that Tesla has been busy using mega casting machine ... of rear and/or front casting parts for the Model Y EV ... Tesla is ... builds the entire battery pack as the structural platform of the vehicle, with the battery cells helping solidify the platform as one big unit ... This ... reduces the number of parts, the total mass of the battery pack, and therefore enables Tesla to improve efficiency and ultimately the range of its electric vehicles ...

Laser windshield wiper patent

Tesla Successfully Patents Laser Windshield Wiper Idea
Sep 11, 2021 ... Who needs metal and rubber wipers when you can just have lasers instead? ...
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