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Workhorse EV recalls> The Emperor Has No Clothes +

Loveland-based Workhorse Group Inc. recalls delivered electric vehicles
Sep 22, 2021 ... LOVELAND, Ohio — Workhouse Group Inc. announced on Wednesday a recall of 41 electric vehicles recently delivered to customers and was suspending future deliveries of its vehicles ... the company stated it made the decision to suspend production and recall delivered vehicles to address customer feedback and implement "a number of enhancements in the production process and design of the C-1000" vehicle ...

Workhorse Group Suffers Yet Another Setback, Suspend Delivery of Electric Van
22 Sep 2021 ... The announcement today by Workhorse Group, the American makers of electric trucks and vans, that it will suspend the deliveries of their flagship C-1000 electric van, is yet another recent setback for the company ...

Workhouse Group Suspends Production and Recalls 41 Trucks
September 22, 2021 ... the Company has decided to suspend deliveries of C-1000 vehicles and recall 41 vehicles it has already delivered. As part of these efforts, the new leadership team has determined that additional testing and modifications to existing vehicles are required to certify the C-1000 vehicles under Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) ...

Workhorse: The Emperor Has No Clothes
Sep. 21, 2021 ... (subscription)

Capped EV range is terrible

Sorry BMW, a 373 mile EV range cap is a terrible idea
2021-09-24 ... it makes sense that automakers would do everything they can to ensure their EVs need recharging as little as possible. But now we’re starting to see some word of range caps coming into force, wherein a car manufacturer will avoid adding more range once they reach a certain point. Tesla has (unofficially) done it, and now BMW might be at it as well. And it’s a terrible idea ...
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