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900 Moscow .ru e-buses> using lithium titanate LTO batteries +

Moscow Celebrates 900 Battery-Electric Buses
2021-12-25 ... Mosgortrans, the company that runs the bus and tram network in Moscow, has shown photos of several beautifully decorated vehicles for the holiday season ... supplied by Kamaz, powered by lithium titanate batteries (LTO) ...
KAMAZ opens center in Moscow to make electric buses
28 April 2021 ...

Mobile/truck-mounted LNG/h2 powered .ru DC EVSE in .uk

Russian start-up aims to bring mobile EV superchargers to London
Dec 23, 2021 ... The firm’s truck-mounted chargers run on liquefied natural gas (LNG), hydrogen or a mixture of the two and do not need to be connected to a power grid. They take 5-7 minutes to charge 80% of an electric vehicle’s battery ... The LNG-powered chargers emit three times less CO2 per 100 kilometres than diesel cars, but more than grid-connected chargers in Europe, where L-charge intends to launch after London ... They are also more expensive for customers. Mobile L-chargers will cost about 0.80 euro cents per kilowatt per hour, Lashin said, which he said was about 1.5-2 times dearer than existing options ... When mass produced, the mobile charger will cost about $200,000 and charge around 25 EVs daily ...
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Pink female-only e-tuk driver e-taxis for Nottingham .uk +

Female-only pink taxis scheme to be piloted in Nottingham
11 December 2021 ... Pink, female-only taxis driven by women are to be trialled in a city ... hopes to launch the Think Pink taxi scheme in the spring in Nottingham. The charity is behind a similar scheme in Sri Lanka, where women drive other women around in pink tuk tuks to avoid harassment on public transport ... if the Nottingham pilot goes well ... hopes to expand ...

Renault Mégane E-Tech .fr EVs for .ar

When will the Renault Mégane E-Tech (100% electric) arrive in Argentina
2021-12-16 ... Renault intends to put on sale in Argentina the Megane E-Tech Electric; In other words, the new generation of the Mégane with a 100 percent electric motor. He was recognized by the president of the local branch, Pablo Sibilla, during the exhibition of this model to the press at an event he attended TN Autos ...

New generation: the Mégane E-Tech Electric is exhibited in Argentina
2021-12-15 ...

Italian presentation of the Renault Megane E-Tech Electric. Orderable from today, here are prices and models
2021-12-16 ... The entry level model the one with the EV40 battery, or 40 kWh ... direct current charging up to 85 kW. The car can be ordered in the Equilibre, Techno and Iconic configurations, with a price respectively of 37,100 euros, 40,100 euros and 43,100 euros ...
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