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EVjobs @ (gm) Palo_Alto-CA office +

A GM-backed electric vehicle startup is opening an office in Palo Alto
Mar 22, 2022 ... BrightDrop, which is developing electric powered-delivery carts and trucks, is officially opening an office in Palo Alto ... BrightDrop ... offices in Detroit and Atlanta, employs about 150 people ... plans to hire hundreds more across its three locations ... much of the company's leadership is based in the Bay Area, BrightDrop hasn't designated any of its offices as its official headquarters ...

10k much-needed .cn CATL EVjobs in the .us

Tesla's Most Important Supplier May Set Up Shop In The USA
Mar 26, 2022 ... Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd (CATL) produces batteries for many carmakers and can clearly see the need for increased manufacturing as demand for EVs grows. According to an unnamed source, the Chinese company is looking to build a facility capable of producing as many as 80 gigawatt-hours of batteries per annum. It has the potential to supply 10,000 much-needed jobs ...

Converting classic work ice To EVs> sure to upset EV haters

Converting Work Vehicles To EVs Could Be Economical As Well As Environmentally Friendly
Mar 19, 2022 ... Converting classic cars to electric drivetrains is a subject sure to get EV haters upset. Although a classic car can be one of the least reliable forms of transport you can choose and most polluting, apparently this is part of the character. But electrification can be much more than just a virtue signaling vanity project for a rich classic car aficionado. It has the potential to prolong the useful life and massively cut the costs of working vehicles too ...
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