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Waymo expands auton EV ride service to Phoenix-AZ &SF-CA +

Waymo expands to Downtown Phoenix and San Francisco: What you should know about the autonomous cars
March 30, 2022 ... PHOENIX - On March 30, officials with Waymo announced they are expanding their self-driving car service operation ... The company launched its autonomous ride-hailing service in Phoenix's East Valley area in 2018, and started giving fully-autonomous rides in 2019 ... flash video

Waymo to test autonomous vehicles in San Francisco
March 30, 2022 ... March 30 (UPI) -- Google spinoff Waymo said Wednesday it has started testing its fully automated all-electric vehicles around San Francisco without a human safety driver. Waymo is starting with its own employees but will soon expand to what it called "trusted testers." The program, which had been operating in suburban Phoenix, is the company's next step in turning self-driving vehicles loose to the public ...

Waymo expanding driverless taxi service to downtown Phoenix
March 30, 2022 ... Autonomous driving company Waymo — which has been operating in the East Valley in recent years — announced that it is expanding its driverless cars into downtown Phoenix ... subscription

GM BrightDrop delivery EVs> (more weird/odd GM naming)

GM’s BrightDrop rebrands its electric delivery vehicles and carts with more cohesive names
Apr. 1st 2022 ... From now on, BrightDrop’s delivery vehicles drop the “EV” in favor of “Zevo” which is a nod to both Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) and EVs. According to the company, the new nomenclature is also a play off of “zero” – a common word in GM’s electrification goals for zero crashes, zero emissions, and zero congestion. Here’s your new BrightDrop vehicle lineup:
The EV600 is now the Zevo 600
The EV410 has become the Zevo 400 ...

GM's BrightDrop announces new names for its EV products
Apr. 1st 2022 ... BrightDrop, the General Motors Co. startup focused on offering electric delivery options, is changing the names of its products, the company said Friday. The EV600, a long-range electric delivery van with 600 cubic feet of cargo space, will now be the Zevo 600. And the EV400, a smaller electric delivery van with 400 cubic feet of cargo space, is now the Zevo 400 ...
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gen3 500 EV> ground up design +

Fiat 500 EV Quick Drive: Could This Small Car Come Back (Again)?
Mar 29, 2022 ... Stellantis is still figuring out how to make the Fiat brand rebound in the U.S. ... The 500X is the only model Fiat sells here anymore, having discontinued other models after the 2019 model year ... But a wider portfolio continues to sell in Europe, including the all-new, third-generation 500, designed from the ground up as an EV introduced alongside the old second-generation 500 two years ago. Fiat and Abarth will be electric only by 2027 in Europe and some of those new EVs will eventually make their way to our side of the ocean ...

... 500e history & design ...

NZ NorthTec EV fleet &EVSE

NorthTec expands electric vehicle fleet and installs EV chargers
1 Apr, 2022 ... NorthTec has received two of its three new leased Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) which will join its fleet of cars as part of a replacement programme this year. Electric vehicle (EV) charging stations have also been installed at NorthTec's Dyer St and Raumanga Campuses in Whangarei ...
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Update 20220331 to
Why EV production is: delayed, unavailable, or stopping ...

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