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(google blocked text) thinks they know EVs> home EVSE installation +

How to Prepare Your Home for an Electric Car
2022/10/08 ... According to a study by the University of Michigan, using only home charging, it will cost on average around a quarter of the price to run an EV as compared to an ICE ... according to a report by the University of California Davis, most newer EVs can be charged overnight or during a work day and get you an average of 250 miles ... Level 2: ... They’ll save you from having to plug your car in twice a day, but you’ll need to use a higher voltage plug like you’d use for your dryer or refrigerator ...
... study by the University of Michigan ...
... report by the University of California Davis ...

.uk RFID EVSE network cards

RFID cards: how do charging cards for electric cars work?
2022/10/06 ... RFID cards are an easy and convenient way to get access to the UK’s public charging points ... a frequent user of the public charging network, RFID cards offer a handy and reliable way to get access to said charging points. You can get Radio Frequency IDentification cards, to use their full name, from individual charging point providers. Some services also offer access to multiple networks with a single universal RFID card ... RFID cards are usually free, although you may need to become a paying member of some networks to be able to order one ...
... There are three main frequencies used for RFID ID cards:
Low-Frequency (LF) – 125kHz – the most common
High-Frequency (HF) – 13.56MHz – the most secure
Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) – 900MHz – the longest range ...
(google blocked text)

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