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SIEMENS 1PV5135 -4WS14 AC induction Motor (liquid cooled)
AN8 Cooling kit
DMOC645 air cooled inverter
GEVCU controller
PRICE $4,000.00 – cost new on today is $5,480.00
All the above originally purchased from EVTV for a front wheel Drive reverse trike project but due to the need to change the design the motor will no longer fit into a front end with a narrow track width hence I am selling the motor with all the associated parts. All parts will be in original packaging. Purchaser must arrange shipment or pick up or I could entertain a short road trip to deliver if not too far away
All of the above parts have never been used.
Weights Motor 192lbs, Inverter 65lbs, Cooling Kit 18lbs & GEVCU controller not even 1lb = 276lbs + packaging Would be 3 packages, (1) Motor (2) Inverter (3) Cooling kit and GEVCU. So that would be 300lbs total Pictures can be provided upon request.
I live about 25miles North East of Pittsburgh PA
Thank You
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