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EV Presentation at Mother Earth News Fair - Pittsburgh PA Sept 25th, 2010

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MOTHER EARTH NEWS will be holding a fair near Pittsburgh at the end of September. The eco-fair will focus on renewable energy, clean transportation, sustainability, and more!

I will be giving a presentation on HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN ELECTRIC CAR: CHEAP, on Saturday, Sept. at 2PM. I will also be on the GREEN TRANSPORTATION PANEL, immediately following at 3PM (final times still subject to change)

In the presentation, I'll show I how built my own electric car the "Electro-Metro" for under $1500 total, with no special tools, and minimal background in electric vehicles.

No, I won't have the Electro-Metro out at the event, (I have to fly in..) but I will have plenty of BUILD YOUR OWN ELECTRIC CAR DVDs!

See details on the event at their web page:

Grassroots Clean Transportation Guy
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CPLTECH, thanks for coming out.

I was paging through those old plans you gave me while I was waiting at the airport for the ride home. What a blast to look at those plans! The ideas in there are still good!

I put a video camera in the back of the room while I did my presentation. I'm going to cut the 45 minute presentation into bite size pieces for YouTube.

Here's the first one:

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Was glad to meet you there. The presentation was excellent. Building your car for $1300 was a feat in itself. Lots of interest by those in the audience. Hope the fair made it worth your while, at least break even. Handshakes alone do not pay the bills.
As for those plans, enjoy. I think I bought them through Mother Earth back in the early 80’s. There was a CitiCar dealer on the east side of Cincinnati and that caught my attention, tho did nothing about it till recent years.
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