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EV Registration for legal road use

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Hi All, from a Sunny South Africa.

Tell me, are we the only country that does not make provision for the legal registration of converted vehicles for road use. Apparently we cannot register a vehicle that has been converted from ICE to EV :confused:, the reason, the electric motor serial number does not comply with the "engine" number requirements on the system for such registration. What a load of ......:mad:

Any South Africans out there with a similar problem?, perhaps you have found a way to get an EV registered. Let's chat.

If you have some ideas please let me know as I have one and several friends have as well, but we can't use them (Legally that is :D).

Either reply on the forum, or drop me a mail at [email protected], I need to get mine (and others) on the road ASAP.


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What was the serial number on the engine?

Stamp it on the motor.. 10 bucks buys a stamp set.. Harbor Freight Tools

LOL. Asked them about that one. No go. When the ICE is registered, it is registered as a 1.3l EFI or instance. You could probably get away with it during casual inspection at the road side, but sooner or later a wise cop will figure it out and trouble will ensue.

I want to find a legal route to registering DIY EV's in South Africa. I mean how hard can it be, these vehicles have passed the complete road worthy requirements testing, but can't be registered :(

Howzit bru. Not living in SA anymore so not got an answer unfortunately but I would just not register it as electric. Keep a few bucks in the cubby to bride troublesome cops! Hope you do find a good solution though.

Are you guys on a different forum in SA then? I'm keen to meet my kin if possible! Thanks
It seems like there should be some loophole you could exploit like calling it an experimental vehicle or something along those lines. You will likely have to consult a lawyer who knows your country's laws and how to move around in them. Or, you may need to take on the role of advocate and raise enough awareness to get the law changed. The media could be your freind with that.
What was the serial number on the engine?

Stamp it on the motor.. 10 bucks buys a stamp set.. Harbor Freight Tools

The other stuff - 1300cc, EFI...
Just stamp them on as well
Make up a plate big enough for anything you feel like

Make up your own definitions
CC - is coulombs/sec at condition C
EFI - is Electronic Flame Interruption - also known as brush advance

If the rest of the car is neat and safe looking and you don't piss the policeman off you should get away with it

(If you piss off the policeman he WILL find something wrong with even a brand new vehicle)
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