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EV Registration for legal road use

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Hi All, from a Sunny South Africa.

Tell me, are we the only country that does not make provision for the legal registration of converted vehicles for road use. Apparently we cannot register a vehicle that has been converted from ICE to EV :confused:, the reason, the electric motor serial number does not comply with the "engine" number requirements on the system for such registration. What a load of ......:mad:

Any South Africans out there with a similar problem?, perhaps you have found a way to get an EV registered. Let's chat.

If you have some ideas please let me know as I have one and several friends have as well, but we can't use them (Legally that is :D).

Either reply on the forum, or drop me a mail at [email protected], I need to get mine (and others) on the road ASAP.


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LOL. Asked them about that one. No go. When the ICE is registered, it is registered as a 1.3l EFI or instance. You could probably get away with it during casual inspection at the road side, but sooner or later a wise cop will figure it out and trouble will ensue.

I want to find a legal route to registering DIY EV's in South Africa. I mean how hard can it be, these vehicles have passed the complete road worthy requirements testing, but can't be registered :(

1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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