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Well I'm finally going to get around to installing a WarP-Drive 160/1000 motor controller package in our 97 S10 EV conversion. I've been meaning to get this project started for a few weeks but it seems one thing or another always kept popping up and delaying the project. But now the time has come, so, a little background first.

Our EV Solutions 97 S10 EV conversion was originally completed in the Spring of 2007. Outfitted with (18) Trojan T-875 batteries (144V pack) and a Curtis 1231C controller, the truck served as our rolling test bed as we developed and tested components for our S10 conversion kits. Working together with ElectricAutoShop, we've combined our S10 conversion kits with their complete conversion school curriculum, and the package is marketed to universities, junior colleges, trade schools and high schools for use in their semester long EV conversion training programs. It's our hope to play a small role in "Training The First Generation Of Electric Vehicle Technicians".

Now that the WarP-Drive controllers and accessories are on the market we're planning to include them in our conversion packages as an upgrade option. But, before we begin the actual installation, here are some photos and descriptions of the individual components we plan to use.

  • WarP-Drive 160/1000 Controller
    The WarP-Drive 160/1000 is a 160VDC, 1000 Amp continuous rated output DC controller. The waterproof unit is manufactured with a beefy anodized aluminum frame, clear polycarbonate flame-proof cover, Hall Effect throttle pedal input, waterproof automotive style control circuit connections (plugs with 10ft leads included), and easy to connect liquid cooling connections.
  • WarP-Drive Interface Unit
    The WarP-Drive Interface Unit easily connects to the controller though the CAN bus using a common Cat5 network cable. The Interface Unit allows setting of controller parameters, data logging to a MiniSD card, real-time display of data, a path for controller firmware updates, and more.
  • WarP-Drive Standard Performance Cooling Kit
    The Standard Cooling Kit includes a 12VDC coolant pump, reservoir tank, radiator, and flexible coolant tubing.
  • WarP-Drive HEPA Throttle Unit
    The Hall Effect Throttle Assembly is an automotive accelerator assembly with dual Hall effect sensors. A 10ft cable assembly with waterproof automotive style connectors is included.

Well, now that we've described the components to be installed, our next posts will document the installation with photographs and video. Additionally, we'll shoot photographs and video of the Controller, Interface Module, and Cooling System setups, and then finally, some real world video of the whole package in operation on the road. Stay tuned for step two!
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