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Hi All,

I am at loss what to do with my newly acquired 2013 Ford Connect Azure Dynamic Van,
it comes with 28KWh Li-ion battery, it hardly do 60miles, I need more than that to make it worthwhile.
I am thinking of ADDING extra batt storage to the existing battery system,
being a van I am not short of space so that is no issue.
Someone on youtube working on his Nissan E-NV200 van "Spliced" the added battery connectors to the existing HV Cable connecting the existing batt pack to front of the vehicle.
in my case that will be the HV Junction box.
The config of my existing batt pack is 12 4Vcells x 8strings in series x 2 in parallel - that give out 384VDC.
If I am to get or make a pack - say a 12KWh with similar Voltage and splice that to the HV Cable, would'nt that be considered just as an added batt bank in parallel to the existing pack?

safety concerns aside - would that work?

thanks for your help
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