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hy,i`m new here and i have great interest in electric vehicle`s,and i want to build one :)i was thinking of a custom built chassis ,and battery powered vehicle with recharging,like 2 small electric generators to charge the batteries while driving,something like 2 alternators from a car or that possible to make ??and what components do i need to do that??thank would quad or buggy sized
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i was thinking of a pure EV,but with ability of recharging while driving if possible,in order of increasing range
This will not work - it is called a perpetual motion scam... If you use an alternator/generator etc... to charge batteries while driving, the alternator takes energy away from the main motor (ie it is like a drag) - you will always lose more energy from this drag, compared to what you receive and put back into the battery, due to losses (friction and electrical losses).

You may consider a scheme using regenerative braking if you live in a hilly area. You would use a lot of battery energy going up the hill, but instead of riding the brake down the other side (and losing energy in the form of heat on your brake pads) you can setup your motor to reverse and charger your batteries. The "drag" we mentioned earlier is what will slow down your car electronically (and charge the batteries).

A regen system is best accomplished with an AC motor/controller - it is possible with DC motors (which are likely cheaper and more abundant) but not with off the shelf gear.

There are numerous threads in these forums, and it can be hard to digest it all right away - I suggest starting with the FAQ in the WIKI (your charging while driving question is answered there for example). See:

When you get stuck or need some help, there are lots of good folks here who will help with technical issues...
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