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EV200 with aux contacts or a remote relay?

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I am going to use two EV200 contactors to accomplish forward/reverse. Ordering them with aux contacts doubles the price. Is there a difference between using aux contacts on the EV200 vs an ice cube relay with a closed contact to one EV200 coil and an open contact to the other EV200 coil?

I would use a dash switch (armed only at zero motor RPM) to fire the ice cube relay coil.

It seems like there might be an issue but I throw it out there for discussion.
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There is an important difference. The built in aux contacts follow the *actual* state of the contactor. If a contactor happens to weld on and you are using a relay to "follow" the contactor state the system will happily turn the only contactor on.
Thanks. I knew that the risk of not using the true position signal wasn't much better than having no interlock. I wanted to make sure I wasn't being too anal.

I need to get over the cost of the aux option and move forward. It's not worth the safety risk.
how are you going to accomplish reversing with two single pole single throw contactors?

The reversing contactors I've seen have two single pole double throw high current contacts.

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I was going to bus two EV200's together on one pole and cross interlock the aux contacts together; i.e. when I apply 12 volts to one, it opens the coil circuit to the other via the aux contact. (Small ice cube between to provide the logic.)

Bad idea?
This is something I'll need to sort out in the near future too. If you use single contactors I believe you'll need a set of three. Here's a diagram for use with the monoblock Albright-type contactor shown above
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