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New EV4 electric quad bike

EV4 is four wheels electric tilting vehicle aeroplanes constructions.

Land vehicle Vehicle Bicycle wheel Motor vehicle Transport
Technical specifications
Drive: DC motors 2 x 500W
DC Driver: 1000 W
Gear: toothed belt
Li-ion battery: 36V with option for 20Ah or 40Ah
Brakes: hydraulic discs on 4 wheels
Width: 60cm
Length: 150cm
Mechanical tilting system
Cushioning system - 2 bicycle shock absorbers
41 kg without battery
47 kg with 20 Ah li-ion battery
53 kg with 40 Ah li-ion battery
Range: 30-50km with 20 Ah li-ion battery
70-100 km with 40 Ah li-ion battery
Speed: max: 40 km / h
Riveted aluminum frame
Welded aluminum wishbones
Height-adjustable seat
more informations WWW.EV4.PL
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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