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When looking to purchase an electric motor, what’s the best way to evaluate a motor specs for specific needs – car weight, acceleration, top speed, etc. Is there a value you consider primary and then other specs may be considered secondary and then on down the line of importance?

For example, I’m looking at a motor to power my Honda 600 coupe, with ideally good peppy acceleration, top speed around 75mph. Car has a factory stated curb weight of 1300 lbs. Original motor specs are: 32 hp (DIN) of power, 43 Nm / 32 lb-ft of torque. Ideally, I would like to have about 1/3 more power.

Here are 2 motors specs suggested by the manufacturer. According to the manufacturer, the 96 V motor would have a top speed of around 62 MPH, while the 144 motor would have a top speed around 75 MPH. Both motors seem to have considerably more torque than my factory motor.

I’m looking at these motors since they can be integrated into the motor’s manufacture’s supplied trans/axle set up (EV motor conversion kit). Also, I have limited room in engine bay, so the smallest (dimension) motor with adequate power is needed.

Any thoughts on these motors and/or and basic motor specs evaluation for my application would be greatly appreciated or. Thank you, Steve

96V 15kw AC Motor:

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144V, 18 kw:
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a = F/m
F > Fdrag + Frolling
F = T/r
HP = kT(rpm)
HP =i*v*efficiency/746

Now do the math for each and every speed from zero to your spec max, playing with gear ratios.

Nobody said there wouldn't be math

Or just find a similar EV and...close enough.
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