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Thread title changed from EVan-Tricycle as the project now has four wheels.

This thread is a continuation from my earlier Trike thread which can be found here: LINK.
The direction of the build project changed somewhat due to personal circumstances and so it seemed sensible to split the thread and make it easier to follow.

I am going to revisit this project as I have a lot of parts and I want to build something that will be (legislation allowing) a road vehicle.

On that basis I am not placing any strict long term goals but just experimenting with an idea.
The original concept was for a vehicle to do a 35mile (possibly 70mile round trip) commute but, with the job gone and my ailing health making it unlikely I will ever choose to work outside of the local area, I can relax the requirements and change the concept to suit.

The requirement is a vehicle that will be good for a couple or three miles on 40mph busy roads, with the same again in stop start urban traffic, and have an overall 15-20 mile range (for round trips) with gentle driving.
I will also need to be able to carry my tools and some construction materials to jobs, or a craft stall and stock for Arch and her craft items to go to local markets and craft fairs.

I got the impetus from Todd's Ice Cream Van, now the PackRat project and looking at old vans like this.

The idea would be to look at a forward control (cab over) version to give maximum load area.

I had played around ideas with both three and four wheel versions, including looking at using a Citroen 2CV rolling chassis.

It would be ideal, front motor, front wheel drive, flat clear load area, except that they are getting expensive, rusty, and the brakes and load capacity are tiny. However, a big wheeled 'Beryl' would be perfect.

This is 'Beryl'.

I also would like to use the parts I have, where possible to save money, and that means the MGB front axle assembly.
It has the advantage that the steering rack is ahead of the axle and so easier to rotate the column forwards to put the steering wheel ahead of the axle line.

I am going to work up some sketches around placing a two seat cab (similar to 'Beryl's') placed over the axle, with the wheels under the seat box and foot well ahead of the wheels.
Behind the cab will be a battery pack in the floor with a covered cargo compartment above.

If I go with a trike layout then the existing rear motor and swing arm will be used. However, if I happen across an MGB rear axle cheaply then I can put the motor on the front axle cross-member and have a drive shaft to the rear axle. I think if direct drive was good enough in the original plans then it may still work now, but there is the option of adding a transmission in the middle.

The plan is to use one of the 72v controllers I have been gifted and some 'pre-loved' lead acid batteries to get it mobile and legal (fingers crossed) and then look at how much performance it gives to determine how much more I will need to get the performance and range I want.

Stage one will be to mock up the cab over the front axle and leave the rest of the chassis vague as that part is going to be variable depending on pack, wheel arrangement and load space needs.

This will, as always, progress slowly as I am about to be busy demolishing and rebuilding a bathroom for my folks, and also building my marital bedroom suite.:p

So, when I get a chance for a breather I will do some measured sketches and see if this works and warrants its own thread.;)
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Re: I want to build a trike!

Shhhh, Arch reads this forum you know!:eek:

I know my place.... ;)
Re: I want to build a trike!


Not pretty is good, I feel less threatened... ;)

No, seriously, it's good to see Woody tinkering again, even if some of the technicalities go over my head a bit.
Re: I want to build a trike!

This afternoon, after bricking up my folk's bathroom window (don't ask)...
Oh go on, do tell...


Woody and I have been doing some renovations this week, and it's one of those jobs where as soon as you finish one bit :cool:, another task reveals itself :eek:. I think tinkering in the workshop is therapy for him!:)
Re: I want to build a trike!

After the makeshift seat fell off the bit of wood on the tool box and the upside down wobbly jack and hit me on the head while I was measuring I decided to make things a bit more stable.
<shakes head disapprovingly> ;)

I can fit in a bench seat of 32" wide.
I read that as f it said "I can just fit into a bench seat of 32" wide", and thought, really, you're not that fat! Then I re-read, and got it. Funny thing, language...

Woody has realised that due to my short stature, if I want to drive it, he may have to complicate the driving position with some adjustability. Either that, or he'll extend my legs....
Re: I want to build a trike!

Extending your legs might be the easier option, I'd just need to weld extensions on somewhere....
<thinks about running away. realises would be able to run faster with extended legs...>
Re: I want to build a trike!

That's brilliant! If only we could just scale ourselves down to drive it!

You must be able to make a picture out of those bits left over...
Re: I want to build a trike!

and still allow both me and Arch to be able to drive it.
Although not at the same time, as that might lead to arguments....;)
Re: EVan-Tricycle

Oh don't, I already feel old, I don't need any help along the way.:eek:

Nah, you're only as old as the woman you feel....

(that gets you off about 3 years ;))

Looking good! Another Thing evolves in the Basement!:D
Re: EVan-Tricycle

"Pass me another welding electrode, Igor, and we shall make the Creature drive!"

That is no reflection on you Arch!;)

Oh! I thought I was the one with the big feet! :D
Re: EVan-Tricycle

Oh, and I notice you've got one of your winches into that workshop action scene..
Re: EVan-Tricycle

That's looking really nice! My Dad used to say, if it looks right, it is right, and that looks right!

Mind you, my Dad used to wreck planes landing on aircraft carriers, so make of that what you will.
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