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EVcast International Discussion, 31st of March!

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No it's not an early april fool's joke. For those who are interested in the world (literally) of EVs in the UK and "dernunda" (Down under) click on to for their daily show at 1pm EST on Wednesday 31st of March (today!).

I'll be on the show, explaining what's happening in the world of NZ electric cars, while Nikki from England will be explaining what's happening up her end of the world.
Hmm. that was quite a poorly written sentence with rude connotations. :p

Anyway, I might catch some of you on there. I may be back with the "gassed masses" but I'm still an EV nut through and through. I'm just "between EVs" at the moment. :cool:

Cheers folks!

P.S. I'm selling more DVDs of my conversion video to raise money if anyone's interested: Page.htm
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At the rate new electric vehicles are being announced I'll probably end up buying one before building one - but I've just bought one of your CDs anyway just because it looks like you guys are getting screwed more by our government's cock-ups than we are.

Gav, thanks again for leading the charge. The world needs more leaders, not more Obozos.
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