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[EVDL] 1995 Saturn conversion

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hi folks;
I have posted from time to time about my conversion and have received good support from this list and from Bob Rice and the crew at our Connecticut, USA ev club. I have decided to sell this vehicle and have just listed it on the EV Tradin' post. under "inclusive kitsI"
I had decided to sell it a few weeks ago because my physical disabilities have become too great to allow me to do even routine maintenance.
But alas, as luck would have it I was in an accident that has bent the front frame out of alignment. My insurance company has declared it "repairable" and "honored" my claim by sending me a check that by some "coincidence" matches the book value of the car and refuses to guarantee that they will pay if the repairs exceed that amount in spite an initial promise that they would cover the added value of the conversion.
So i am selling my Saturn for parts as a unit, or the entire car, to anyone who wishes to take on the cost or risks of repair. I am sad about this, but i need to let go of all that I have put into it . It hss given me a good run of more than 21/2 years. (9k miles) Please no second-guesing or criticism of my decision.
Richard Thomas
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