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[EVDL] 1998 City El for sale (UK) - Upgraded with Lithium Ions!

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For Sale:

1998 City El Targa Top three-wheeled EV.
Buy the star of . Since the =

review was made the car has been completely upgraded from it's =

original lead acid 36 Volt spec to 43 Volts of 100AH Thundersky =

Lithium Ion batteries, complete with Reap System's fabulous battery =

management system. To buy the BMS alone would cost =A3500, with the =

batteries costing a further =A31,500 or more. The lithium Ion batteries =

in it are pre 2006 cells and still hold a decent charge.

Prior to upgrade the City El did approximately 20 miles on a charge =

and had a top speed of 35 mph. The Lithium Ion upgrade has lightened =

the EV by over 70 kilos and as a result of the upgrade the range is =

now up to 50 miles (if driven carefully) and a top speed of 45 mph =

(up to 50mph if you're brave enough!) It out accelerates a standard =

City El and will climb all but the steepest hills without a single =

problem. The upgrade has completely transformed the car and makes it =

an ideal City Car for the UK. It is tax exempt and is MOT'd until =

October 2008.

The City El has done 3,350 miles from new and has recently had new =

rear springs, shocks and bushings.

I have some spares to go with the vehicle. I'm selling it as I need a =

bigger EV so am upgrading! This is the perfect starter EV for any =

enthusiast and can be driven on a motorcycle or car licence. A 16 =

year old with the correct moped licence can also drive this but the =

vehicle would need restricting to 30 mph. I'm now on the lookout for =

an EV big enough to help me go to and from the DIY store (we've just =

brought our first house) as well as carry more than one person!

Asking price of =A33,500 ONO. This also includes a custom-built trailer =

to transport the City El long distances.

Please email me for more information, or telephone me (UK) on 0117 =

965 7424 or 07901 553308.

The car will be available from (hopefully) the 31st October.

Photos of the City El can be found online at =


Nikki Bloomfield

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