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[EVDL] 1st Hawaiian Nissan Leaf delivered

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Hawaii region gets its first Nissan Leaf By IBTimes Feb 1 2011 ...

Bill Markevitch, development executive for Hawaii Pacific Health who
focuses on fund-raising for Kapiolani Media Center, Hawaii's
Children's Miracle Network Hospital took delivery of his Nissan LEAF
SL today at New City Nissan of Honolulu.

"Electricity is the new fuel for cars, and the Nissan LEAF has the
potential to transform the automotive industry and the way people
drive," said Carlos Tavares, chairman, Nissan Americas. "Starting
today, drivers in Hawaii have the freedom to choose a future that
produces zero tailpipe emissions, moves away from our dependence on
fossil fuels and represents the end of trips to the gas station. This
Nissan LEAF delivery signifies the dawn of a movement that brings
sustainable mobility within our grasp." ...

Nissan Motor will sell 500,000 electric vehicles annually by the end
of 2013, Renault Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn had told reporters on the
eve of the market debut of the Nissan Leaf ...

The car has already sold out for this fiscal year with 6,000 orders
from Japan and 20,000 from the U.S., reaching production limits.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has given the 2011
Nissan Leaf a mileage rating of 99 miles per gallon (mpg), besides
dubbing the electric car to be the "best" for fuel efficiency and the

Nissan has priced its five-passenger 2011 Leaf at $32,780 plus a
not-yet-announced destination fee. As an all-electric vehicle, the
Nissan Leaf qualifies for a $7,500 federal tax credit. This brings the
price down to $25,280, making it an affordable choice for a cutting
edge alternative vehicle ...
[copyrighted by International Business Times]

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