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First let me tell everyone that the name of the car is pronounced (too
sick). It apparently never occurred to plasmaboy that it was pronounced
like that, just like it never occurred to me that a juice bar was electric

So after many three false starts trying to drive the car in a diesel
electric configuration, we ended up trailering the car on Keith's trailer
and driving her with Keith's pickup 1100 miles, straight through to be there
Thursday night.

Drove to the breakfast and went over the car to make sure she would pass
tech; she nearly did too :) So NHRA requires a METAL firewall between the
motor and batteries and the driver. I had installed a lexan firewall. So
Keith went out and got a metal plate and some tools from us to fab. A
firewall in the parking lot and put my lexan one close to the batteries and
were able to run her three times at 800, 1100, and 1100 amps of 2000 design.
She did beautifully, but was lifting, as expected at 1100 amps (first run at
1100 she went squirrelly off the line and the 2nd, the front tires were
barely touching till about the 3/4 mark; i.e. perfect).

We then put together a wheelie bar kit thanks to a lot of help from a lot of
people, got packed up and I ran out of juice. I hadn't recharged since the
track (because with the press and a borrowed charger, and trying to get the
bars on, there wasn't opportunity) and ran out of juice. I think I may have
found a couple bad cell's on the recharge that I will swap out when I get a
chance. Then the track was closed because of rain, and I didn't get to run

Rich is taking a look at my charger which I appreciate. So despite
EVERYTHING I had an amazing time and can't wait to get her back on the
track. I want to thank everyone who helped, and tell you they put forth a
heroic effort that is truly appreciated.

I look forward to racing Zombie head to head with only a few (all)
advantages that my class allows me. And I'm VERY happy with my times. I
would have loved to see what see does with drag slick, wheelie bars, and
full power, but you know what, I didn't break her (the ONLY thing that
didn't break) so I'll get to find that out soon enough :)

Also anyone with good pictures of the car or videos please send them to me
or email me so that I can get them on the site.

Remember kids, Green is as sexy as YOU MAKE IT!


More details and pictures are available at

For subscription options, see
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