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So How well the show went depends on what metric we want to use to measure.

Voice worn into a smooth Barry White from talking to people - success
I only gave out 10 business cards - failure
People went to the table and took over 400 of my business cars - success :)

Seriously it was good, their was always a crowd around my car. I got to
tell my car stories over and over again including for many camera
interviews. I also talked to a lot of people that want to hire me to help
them work on their electric / hybrid vehicle startups (some of which would
be fantastic, and some of which would be a paycheck), which is fantastic.
The fact I made my car modular (i.e. I can move the batteries in 30 minutes,
switch batteries, and have HUGE areas in motor compartment and behind
passenger compartment with class 8 mounts attached to frame makes it so that
I have a very power vehicle for prototyping and testing various systems)
increases my value almost as much as the knowledge I acquired building the

I also gave a lot of enthusiasts quick lectures (although it felt like being
on stage with a great part and really hitting and holding the audience in
the palm of my hand). My favorite was a family (father used to do special
effects) whose daughter is going to convert a muscle car to electric for HER
SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL PROJECT. It felt good, and as a bonus the father agreed
to pretty much make me anything I need in his FULL CNC shop (I'm still



PS If anyone from has any photos from the show, I was too busy to take any
pictures, could you send them to me at photos at thanks

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I was not very impressed with the the show. Considering the demographics
and commuting patterns of LA and the obvious track of gas prices, I would
have expected a much larger turnout. This is still a fringe movement and
most of the exhibitors were just preaching to the choir.

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