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[EVDL] 2SSIC - Infineon - 9/17- 9/18 - Pinks all out

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Hey everyone 2SSIC will be one of the 400 contestants at PINKS All Out

Fingers crossed that they choose whatever class 2SSIC ends up in. Spending
two weeks and $500 doing all the upgrading I can (I've gotten stiffed for
$200,000 over the last year and things are tight). I will publish
information on what I'm doing when I get a chance and whether it worked J

We purchased extra tickets if anyone is going to be in the area.

Wish I had been able to make it to Portland this year, but just couldn't
pull it off and I applied to PINKS before the dates had been set.

Best wishes to all my EV'ers!

Michael / TRex / KD

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